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What advantages do LEDs have ?


LEDs are point light sources and emit targeted light. 

Theyare extremely small and allow great design freedom for lighting applications.

In contrast to incandescent lamps, their light and heat components are separate. 

LEDs have neither UV nor infrared components in their light. 

This means that they can be used more flexibly, particularly in heat sensitive

areas, such as lighting for food or cosmetics, or in applications with verylimited space.

LEDs have a considerably longer service life than other light sources. 

A white LED with more than 50,000 hours will last between three and

seven times longer than conventional fluorescent and energy saving lamps and 50

times longer than an incandescent lamp. LEDs are "green" products: They do not contain any

environmentally harmful substances such as mercury or lead. The life cycle

assessment for LED lamps has confirmed the environmental friendliness of LEDs,

even during manufacture.LEDs shine in saturated colors, allowing a very wide variety.

There is no need for color filters. They can also be dimmed infinitely and with low loss.

White LEDs offer better color reproduction than many conventional light technologies. 

In street lighting, where yellowish sodium vapor lamps are frequently used, their color reproduction index is noticeably better.

In some areas, the total cost of ownership – the costs viewed over the entire life cycle of the application - is already lower than that of

conventional lamps. These include illumination of chilled cabinets, in museums and street lighting.

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