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Why should we use LEDs?


High efficiency: Roughly 40% of the energy

used in an incandescent bulb is wasted via heat. 80-90% of energy used in LED

lights is used in the generation of light. The term used to describe LEDs

minimal heat generation is ‘cold lighting’.

Less Maintenance: LED lights have a significantly

higher lifetime. This can range from around 20,000-100,000 hours per luminaire.

The costs associated of replacing conventional lamps over 20 times during the

lifetime of an LED are quite staggering, especially if maintenance costs are high to start with.

Environmentally Friendly: LEDs do not contain any

harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Compact Fluorescent lights contain mercury

which is highly toxic. Both incandescent and CFL lights emit a small amount of

UV radiation whereas LEDs emit none.

Lesser CO2 Emissions: A large percentage of

energy comes from the burning of fossil fuels. This in turn releases greenhouse

gases into the atmosphere. Less energy needed to facilitate the use of lights

means a decrease in the amount of fossil fuels being burnt. Using LED lights

will contribute greatly in reducing your carbon footprint.

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