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Which areas are LEDs particularly suitable for?


As a high efficiency point light source, LEDs are the ideal

solution when targeted light is required: For example in shop, street and

automotive lighting, but also in private housing and in hotels. The RGB LEDs,

which can be used to create millions of colors, also present attractive

opportunities, for example in stage lighting.

In outdoor areas, LEDs prove their worth through their long

service life - even when lit for long periods of time - and due to their

resilience against low temperatures.

LEDs are also perfectly suited to the lighting of displays or

deep freezing devices in shops and supermarkets: In contrast to high pressure

discharge lamps for example, LEDs do not emit any infrared components (these

can be felt in the form of heat) and thus do not cause any increase in

operating costs for air-conditioning and cooling systems. In shops, the

targeted light of LEDs allows optimal presentation of goods. A light management

system can be used to play with color dynamics and various effects. With the

right light control system, users have full control over the color spectrum and

color temperature spectrum and can thus integrate light into their rooms as a

new design element.

In financial terms, LEDs quickly become a sound investment

for professional applications where lights are on for more than eight hours a

day - such as in hotels, restaurants or shops.

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