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How environmentally friendly are LEDs?


A study of the ecological balance of LED lamps by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors shows that the latest generation of lights is already extremely environmentally friendly. In the context of the study, the entire life cycle was investigated. Research was carried out into how much energy and how many raw materials the lamp consumes during its manufacture, use and disposal and what environmental impacts this has. The service life of the lamp - 25,000 hours - was used as the basis for comparison. This means that a PARATHOM LED lamp was compared with 2.5 energy saving lamps and 25 incandescent lamps. The result: Current LED lamps achieve the same ecological balance values as compact fluorescent lamps and are miles ahead of conventional incandescent lamps.

The study, compiled in co-operation with experts from Siemens Corporate Technology (Centre for Eco Innovations), shows that: As with compact fluorescent lamps, LED-based lamps consume over 98 percent of the energy supplied during operation, i.e. in the generation of light. Less than two percent is used in production. This disproves the fear that manufacturing LEDs in particular can be very energy intensive. In contrast to the primary energy consumption of the incandescent lamps of roughly 3300 kWh, less than 700 kWh is used for manufacturing and operating LED lamps. Therefore the LED lamps are considerably more efficient than conventional incandescent lamps. As the efficiency of the LEDs is continually increasing, we can expect even better ecological balance results of the LED lamps in the future.

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