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Up To 210 LM/W

The E-Series LED High Bay Light is a Cost-Effective high-brightness light source that combines high-performance 150 LM/W,170 LM/W,190 LM/W and 210 LM/W ultra-high-lumen output versions. The LED High Bay Light is suitable for a wide range of product application occasions and scenarios. It can be used in industrial facilities, warehouses, factories, workshops, and other large spaces that require high-quality lighting. The high bay light is ideal for applications that require high illuminance levels, such as in manufacturing processes, sports facilities, and exhibition halls.

A Variety Of Power Supply Options

Output wattage covers 100W-240W, Goldenlux try it best to become the leader of UFO High Bay Lighting design and make the efficiency of LED High Bay Lighting much more better. Simultaneously, we provided 0/1-10V or DALI2 dimming functions to allow customers to use smart lighting control for desired effect.Therefore, Goldenlux has comprehensive solutions for all kinds of application.
Up To



5 Years

Multi-Angle Display

Choose 120°,90° Or 60° Lens And Aluminum Reflectors Are Available As Accessories.




Mounting Options

Eye-Bolt,Or Adjustable Bracket For Surface Mounting

Anti-Glare Reflector

Use this reflector to reduce glare from your 100-150-200 Wattage UFO LED High Bay Light and to create a traditional high bay look.The reflector installs around the fixture's lens and comes with 4 screws to secure it in place.

Motion Sensor Available

Applications like warehouses,distribution centers,production facilities and other industrial spaces with occupancy less than 50% and high ceilings(15–45 ft) are ideal environment for sensors.It helps save energy costs by delivering light only where you need it,when you need it.

Detail Parameters

Series E-Series
Power 100W,150W,200W,240W
Efficacy 210LM/W,190LM/W,170LM/W,150LM/W
Input Voltage 120-277VAC,50/60 Hz
Power Factor >0.9
Surge Protection 6KV Line-Line,6KV Line-Earth
Control 1-10V,DALI2 (Optional)
IP Rating IP65
IK Rating IK09
CCT 6500K,5700K,5000K,4000K,3000K
CRI 80,70
Operating Temperature -30°C — +45°C
Beam Angle 60,90,120 Angle
Mounting Option Loop Hanging,Ceiling Mounting
Reflector Aluminum Reflector
Warranty 5 Years Warranty


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